Royalty Free Food Blog Music

Introducing "Tasty Tracks" - a new series of music designed specifically for food & kitchen bloggers. Purchase tracks for your videos separately or buy the whole album at a (very) discounted price, and enjoy music that is fun, happy, demographically appropriate and unique - just like your blog! 
Stand out from everyone else using the same music agencies (or the same free tracks from Youtube!) Tasty Tracks Vol 1 contains a Thanksgiving song, a Christmas track and a Halloween song for next year's spooky recipe video; as well as more positive and motivating music in various styles designed to empower and inspire your viewers with anticipation to make your awesome recipes! Custom edits available on most tracks (see below).
 Best part - it's royalty free! Use any track as often as you like!

I love food, I love cooking, and I love your blogs and recipes! I have noticed that a lot of the same sounding music keeps popping up on recipe videos! You can thank that ukulele strumming, cutesy bells one for inspiring this project. I'm over it and all it's cousins!

Something I whipped up a few weeks ago!
   As tracks get added to this volume the price will go up, but if you purchase now you will get all the added tracks for the current price! You can also purchase tracks separately to suit your video needs. In addition, by adding $1 to your payment price, you can have most songs edited specifically to the exact time of your video. These edits are usually back to you in 24 hours. Purchasers of the entire album get 2 edits included - these are done in 48 hours after requests are made. 
Use the "buy" link in the music player above or learn more by clicking here.

I hope you and your viewers enjoy the music experience these tracks provide - by not calling too much attention to themselves but highlighting your personal style and pizzazz as a food blogger. And now - let's eat! - SO


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  2. The artist who wrote the music retains the copyright to the music, meaning that he or she can then sell the same music to someone elsesad background music


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