I'm Kenny MacKenzie. Seven Octaves began around 2004 while I still lived in Long Island. The first album was largely based on some unusual 'found sound' samples; mostly from old '80s recording sessions with Chris Mezzolesta (aka Power Salad) and jazz trio gigs in NYC from the 00's. Since then it's gone anywhere and everywhere... but most frequently gets labeled as electro-funk or synth pop. I love coffee, chocolate, biscotti, porter, pasta, rice, the color blue, my fans, radio stations where I chart, God, my cubbie, and recently - cooking! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hey Kenny, Frank Cooper here (I did your album photography) I see you moved to FLa, shame, I was going to ask if you could play some keyboard for my 60th BDay on Sunday the 29th! :(

    e mail me and let me know how you are doing! fdlef@verizon.net

    Frank Cooper


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