Friday, June 30, 2017

New Patreon-Only Jazz Album!

I'm one of those guys who needs a plan or I can just wander aimlessly, artistically. I was way excited, then, when the idea dawned on me to remake an entire album by another artist. Not only is the blueprint in place, but it also presents me with the opportunity to finally meld two separate recording careers together - electronic with jazz.

Above is the first track to the next album - a complete remaking of Sarah Vaughan's 1966 release "The New Scene"! This will be a full blown jazz release, but enhanced with synth sounds and production that will be familiar to Seven Octaves fans. The track list is comprised of pop and easy listening hits from the mid 60's like "Michelle", "Who Can I Turn To", "The Shadow of Your Smile" and "Call Me". 

This album is going to be available only to subscribers on my Patreon page, and will not be distributed to iTunes, Amazon etc. Subscriptions start at $3 monthly, can be cancelled anytime and include downloads of previous albums, as well as several other tracks I've produced this year! To learn more about the project and subscribing, visit the Seven Octaves Patreon page.

Thanks for stopping by - much love! - Kenny (SO)

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