Saturday, January 23, 2016

What's In My Irulu...

It's been a while since I've posted, so perhaps I should explain to new viewers... the Irulu is my Chinese made mp3 player I got on Amazon for $14. It's still going strong. It's basically my treadmill/walking music.

Higher Intelligence Agency - Colorform & Free Floater: I don't know what's up with this dude, why he doesn't make more music, but these Colorform is my favorite downtempo album. I dig the major keys and simplicity. If you are unfamiliar you can hear all of his work over on his Bandcamp page. 

Bluetech - Prima Materia: I just got introduced to this band via Slacker. What is there to say? This is just superior downtempo; high attention to detail and the addition of jazzy improv are a big plus. I do usually skip the first 2 tracks, however ;)

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