Sunday, January 18, 2015

Catching up...

a few days before Christmas 2014 - Flagler Beach

The new album "Little Crush" has been out for about 2 months, now. I'm very happy with the music, and view it as by far my personal best. Major thanks to the stations who have been playing it, including KAFM, WEFT, KDVS, KOPN and WRFL. Also, the responses from the friends/fans who helped pay for it have been very encouraging, most of them agree it's my best! This has meant the world to me, over and over.

For this holiday season, I did a remix of "Fum Fum Fum" which sounds way better than the 2011 version. That and several tracks from "Little Crush" are up on the Soundcloud page. I opened up the workstation yesterday and began a new track. Right now, the idea for the project is Workout Music. Haha yep - 4 tracks at fairly high rpms to workout to. As always - this can and probably will morph into something completely different, especially since trance/techno is not my specialty. We'll see!

I don't actually listen to much electronic music at all, but the last few weeks I've had the bug. Almost all of it is chill/downtempo. The albums that are doing it for me are as follows, in no particular order:

  1. Rainy Days - Erik Jackson
  2. Waveform Transmissions - compilation
  3. Colourform - Higher Intelligence Agency
  4. Abstract Manifesto - DJ Cam
  5. Trance Odyssey - compilation (my own workout music)
Happy New Year to all - I hope it's filled with love and prosperity. Thanks for stopping by and including me in your sound landscape! - Kenny (SO)

Crowdfunder for the New CD!

  As it turns out, "Record Party" will come out on cd thanks to some generous donations! To assist with what's left to finance...