Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back on the Good Foot

a glimpse into the simple chaos that is my work environment
Just a brief check-in to let you know a few things:

a) I haven't fallen off the planet.

b) I haven't given up on making electronic music (see home page.)

c) The new look to the website is a work in progress. I should be getting to it, soon. The goal is streamlining.

d) If you like jazz, my radio program on WFCF is now four hours, from 3-7pm Eastern. WFCF is an iHeart station - you can listen online here.

e) I have no immediate plans for a new physical release. Whatever I put out this year will be digital, and free. This is in appreciation for fans, friends, listeners & djs who have made all the effort worth while. Thank you!

Do all that you can to avoid being a 'copper-top' (Matrix reference). Support small businesses & shops, local farms & all independent arts.
Spend money on tangibles, not licenses. Guard your faith. Be who you are. Love - Kenny (SO)

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