Monday, June 4, 2012

Mishmash a Go Go

Oscar Records OS-117
There are other blogs who will tell you all the pertinent facts about this album. So I'll stick to what I do best - the weird stuff. Like how the girl in the background is staring down the camera. Or the ghoulish font - more appropriate for "Blood Suckers" than "Block Busters". Note they are all dancing around an electronic organ - certainly the "young sound" of 1968. (?) The whole album is a hodge-podge of unlikely bedfellows: drugstore soul singers, obscure fake rock groups by cult-figure studio musicians, easy-listening orchestras...

The track below
(the famous Cuban ditty "Guantanamera") is by far the choicest, with a pretty good arrangement, a la space age pop, just without all that pesky concern about sound quality. All the orchestra instruments playing at fortissimo crammed onto one track makes for interesting, unearthly timbres. It's also sort of a sonic fun page - count all the different guitar & reverb sounds! - SO

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