Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stereo Spectacular!


Three cheers for the Mayfair label (subsidiary of Tops records) for pressing this "on pure golden vinyl". It's dazzling! The music & dialogue are not, but oh well. I found this last minute after wading through boxes upon boxes of unpalatable junk at a thrift store in Holly Hill, FL. The sparkly gem's cover was not around - not surprising since it had a big triangle cutout in the design for shoppers to view the colored disc. Couple that with it's 1961 release date (the original 1958 release had a different cover) and you have a cardboard mess. Anywayz, in the audio player is an inside peek at a (ridiculous) recording session, 2 trains (of course!) one steam, one diesel, and the liveliest track on the disc, "Helena Polka" from George Poole and the Polka Dots. - SO

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