Friday, April 13, 2012

What's In My Irulu...

That's right - for $14 on Amazon I've reached new lows in audio reproduction. Actually it sounds good, there's just no shuffle mode, and depending on the file name tag, a little hard to get the full name of the piece playing. There also seems to be no rhyme, reason or control over what order it plays the music in. But, in marvelous Chinese fashion, it says "Bye-Bye" to me while flashing red, green, blue & yellow on it's tiny screen; and it runs on 1 AA battery. I prefer this, since in FL one never knows when a storm is going to knock power out and for how long.

So what's in my Irulu? Debussy! Nocturnes, Images, Preludes, Estampes, La Mer. Can't get enough of it, lately. So much so that I'm eying box sets of his complete piano music, just to fill in the gaps...

Also on board is an album by a Floridian band called Green Hit, who label themselves on myspace as "Ambient, Experimental & Religious". It can be difficult to describe yourself, sometimes; but perhaps more accurate would be electronic, jam & fusion. Either way - it's very listenable; keyboard & groove centered with trumpet synth and regular synth featured. Good stuff, and free in exchange for your email address. There are a number of excellent songs on the release, especially "Poppy Rockwell". Scroll down on their site/blog to see the link to download the album "Purpose". - SO

Green Hit live circa 2010

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