Wednesday, June 1, 2011

KRAKLI Synths - go grab one!

Today is Ian Webster's birthday - designer of Krakli Synths. If you think guys who make high-end vsts available for free are very cool, today (or anytime) would be a good day to go make a donation of your discretion at the top of his page, and receive your copy of RMP2, his one synth that isn't free. It is a very useful and fun synth to have: filled with voice and pad combos with luscious ambient reverb. The sounds lend themselves to songwriting, tinker with a patch for a few minutes and I guarantee you'll be in record mode in no time. As you can see, his GUIs are always a blast, as well.

I used RMP2 for the space-trumpet/pad sound in the break of "Lone", the lead ambient harp in the bridges of "Give It Unto You" and plenty of other choice moments throughout the last 2 releases. Comes with 2 banks stuffed with generous amounts of patches, and it's very easy to tweak.

Finally - you actually get 2 synths since it is bundled with a fine organ vst - S30.

Go get it - and enjoy the creative process that much more! - SO

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