Tuesday, February 8, 2011

late discoveries...

It's nothing new for me to be late to the party. Lately I've been terminally late. It seems about a third of the net label sites I visit have recent posts announcing their calling it a day. MoMT is not a net label but an indie one who've said goodbye last month.

I recently unearthed a cd filled with IDM I found for free (legally) on the net a number of years back. Net labels, indie label promos... nobody was that careful about mp3 tags in the early 2000's - and it can take some doing to find out the artist, album etc. Not so for the track "Pomme Rips" I examined this morning, although the "ep" mentioned in the title has proven tricky to hunt down.

10 seconds into Skink's "Pomme Rips" and your first thought will probably be - "Now here's an artist". 60 seconds in and you realize he's also a master programmer. The chords are dreamy and jazzy, the beats are now funky, now broken & fascinating, the sounds are light and transportive. Quite a fulfilling and positive listen. Here's an easy buy link if I've made a good sell. :)

I have noticed that a number of these indie electronic artists have no mind for self promotion a la myspace or facebook, so finding out anything about them can also be tricky. MoMT does not have an artist description page. Fortunately Skink (aka Paul Mulholland) has a Last.fm page where you can listen and show appreciation. If ambient minimal is your thing or one of your things - I encourage you to go have a listen; and maybe make a heartening purchase over at the MoMT store, which remains open (type Skink in the search box). Bon appetit! - SO

ps - also checking out a free Skink album from an archive link at MoMT - "Playing Around" is recommended.

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